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Creative, innovative, artistic, abstract, fearless, brilliant and amazing business woman are just a few words used to describe Shonny Annette. She has a natural knack for capturing the best of you with her camera and has loved taking pictures ever since she could remember. But her four children are the true inspiration behind the photographer she is today. As she took pictures of them she wanted to freeze time and capture all of their moments, and became obsessed with artistry of photography.

Shonny has learned photography without any formal training and has taken her talent to not only single handedly create a successful business with Je M’appelle Artistry, but has also handpicked a team of talented artists to bring you the best experience money can buy.

She specializes in making her clients happy, so she strives to make you feel all of the happiness she feels daily for just being able to do what she loves most: memory capturing.  As her company grows, she grows, and is now currently not only attending school to improve her art, but also teaches photography and editing workshops and offers private mentoring in an effort to share the knowledge. Yes she believes in the old saying “Each one teach one” and hopes to be able to share all of her artistic knowledge with her students, friends and family.

She has written and published a book titled Talk Soap with Shonny based on her soap and body product recipes. She is talented in many of the arts. She is a seamstress who has created and sold cloth diaper patterns. She is a knitter and knitwear designer who offers patterns for elaborate hats and sweaters. Her photography and diaper pattern were featured in a book titled “Changing Diapers” by Kelly Wels. She is also a talented videographer and video editor. She also enjoys writing poetry and songs.

Shonny can be labeled the hippy of photography, based solely on the fact that she enjoys to share the love and knowledge with all of those who strive to learn. She knows the rules and choses which ones to break….which is all part of being an ‘outside of the box’ artist. She provides customized visions for each client and strives for a uniquely personal and real approach to her work, chock full of intense emotion and love.

Humbly grateful and excited are just a few words Shonny uses daily to describe her feelings about her clients and her future as your personal visual artist and/or instructor. Her heart beats for this trade so she gives you the greatest part of her herself 100% of the time. She looks forward to being your family memory capturer with hopes that she can create heirlooms for your family to be passed down for generations to come.  


Changing Diapers / Kelley Wels / 2011 


2016 | Chaffey College 2nd Place Greg Gorman Award. 


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